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Hi There.  My name is Greg Savoie.  I am a North Carolina drummer who, like many of you, is obsessed with drums.  I have a drum problem!  I can't seem to stop buying drums.  I'd like to call myself a vintage drum guy; however, the truth is ... most quality drums interest me.  I find myself buying and selling drums on a consistent basis.  The truth is that I never really want to sell anything; however, if I want to keep buying, I need to keep selling.   This site is dedicated to my obsession to buying and selling drums.

Greg's Drum Shop is not a business.  My business is   If you purchase drums from me, you are purchasing them from me as an individual and not as a business.   That does not mean that I will not give you the personal attention you deserve; however, I do not have a store where you can come demo the drums.    I can accept payment by PayPal (when secure) or Cash.  I can not accept credit cards (as I do with my billiard business.)

I am also a local working drummer playing with the band Watts Left.  Feel free to visit our website at where you can see video of the band. 

I have a lot of experience buying and selling drums through Ebay and Craigslist.  I have an excellent reputation and strive to keep it that way.  I go to lengths to describe the drums as best as possible along with as much history about the drums as possible.  I clean up many of the drums I purchase.  My typical procedure is to remove all the lugs, clean the shell and lugs separately, and put the drums back together using bearing edge wax.   My goal is to get the drums to look as great as possible without altering the drums.  I clean vintage cymbals if they are so dirty that it affect the tone.  I clean cymbals by hand using gentle cymbal cleaner.

Feel free to ask any questions.  Thank you!

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