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Vintage Gretsch Drums - Early 1960's - White Marine Pearl

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Gretsch Drums



Early 1960's Gretsch Name Band Drum Set with 4157 Snare Option + 12" Tom


Model numbers:

Model 4249 - Serial 67456
Model 4415 - Serial 67252
Model 4418 - Serial 69191
Model 4157 - Serial 70538
Model 4416 - Serial 69243

Comes with Original Seat, hi hat stand, 2 cymbal stands , snare stand and floor tom legs.  It also comes with the following non original parts: gretsch bass drum mounted cymbal stand, rack tom mount, isolation mount and tom arm.  A Ludwig double tom mount is also included (but basically worthless).  Original Soft Bags are also included.

The 12" tom (pictures available on the image page) is also included. 

The cymbals are not included. 


The drums are in fantastic shape.  All wraps are original except for the bass pearl rings (which match in color).  The wraps are very bright and white.  They have not faded to yellow (which is rare).  Most of the chrome is excellent.  A couple rims have pitting but still shine well. 

The bearing edges of the 12, 13 and 16 toms were perfected by Precision Drum to factory spec.  The snare and bass drum edges did not need work and are original.  Even the snare wires are original and in perfect condition.  All of the original paper badges are in great shape. 

A Ludwig bass drum mount was installed at some point.  The work is clean.  The original rail mount was removed and not available.  I use a Gibraltar isolation mount with a Yamaha tom arm to attach the rack tom.  It works out very well.

The tone of the kit is exactly as you remember from all the Be Bop recordings from the 50's and 60's. 

Please call or email with questions.  Be sure to visit the video demo page to hear the kit in action.